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tornadoes..... ravaging small owws on friday. the death toll, now at 39.most of the eaths in indiana and kentucky.and toniggt.... word tragedy. in indiana, a tornado's path of destruction destroyed trees and homes, emolished henryville high school -- and ripped apart school buses. a news crew captured this tornado as it struck. p water and power has beee restored hhre in henryville... but thousands of people in the midwest and south.... are cleaaing up....in the dark. adams says: ""his is total devastation i've lived here 28 ears i've never seen devastating."young says: "people are helpinggout andd helping their neighbors that's what 've been most strrck by." aerial footage shows across three counties.indiana governor mitch aniels, promising state assistanne.... had a direct message for people who lost everything. daniels says: "we love you.... we are with you. and if t isn't obvious enough... it's not just governmmnt these are your neighbors herr to help." residents in madison countyyalabama, learn the naaional weather service has upgraded the tornado there from an ef 2 t
of several to hit ss far 40-people have died..... and tonightt craig boswell is in marysville indiana where this twister wiped it off the map. map. boswell on cam top:familles here in marysville are sharing survvvor stories, while neighboring communities are mourning those who werr lost. forever it ll happened in a matter of moments.there's a new reaaity... here in marysville, indiana.a town ravaged by friiay's violent tornndo outbreak.it's an unnerving scene --- concrete slabs, where homes áusedá to be.some, just splinnered shells.stunned homeowners are digging thrrugh what remains. berniece andrews says: "yyu can't believe it ntil you see it with your eyes - just heartbreaking - hope nobody's under this rubbll."this amateur video -- was ssoo friday in pekin, indiana.those who saw it say the giant ssemed to grow in size by the miiute.snede says: "i couldn't take my eyes off of it, i couldn't even take cover. it was mesmerizing and scary at the same time."storms cut hoosier sttte...killing more than a dozen people.back in marysville, the sound of chainsaws are echoing across thi
deadly tornadoes ii indiana...after the break clear and cold tonight... but temperatures are making a &pbig comeback...how warm it will get and how long it will skywatch forecast......in just 10 minutes ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone at southwest airlines works together for one goal -- to get you where you're going. and with flights all over the country to choose from, it's a good thing we love our work. and now we're excited to take you to the beaches of northwest florida. fly nonstop from bwi airport to panama city beach. book all of our destinations only at southwest.com. let me get that door for you... [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the all-new subaru impreza. ♪ experience love that lasts. police.../ are... investigating...// a... shoooing.../ in... wicomico.../ county.../ ááthatáá left.. .a.../ 4-year-old boy.../ dead.../ ááandáá.../ his... mother.
&take graphic - brokeredchristienew jersey governor chris brokereddaneilsindiana's mitch danielsatake graphic - brokeredbusghand florida's former governor jeb bush mentioned as "ddeam candidates" i'm joel d smith reporting. see all of the storres about the race for the white house on our website...go to fox- baltimore dot com... and click on the "vote 2012" icon in the news features section...all of the stories onnour website are ruuh limbaugh...// apologized to... sandra fluke.../ on... the air today../.áábutáá ásheá... appeared on t-v.... to... speak her mind. mind.last week... / limbaugh called her a slut... for speaking ...in favor .../ of... health care covvrage ...of... birth connrol pills...///.áásponsorráá began...dropping out of limbaugh's shoo....///he posted an apology... on his website.../ saturday../.ááandáá' talked... about it... on his show today....//ááflukeáá wasn't... buying it. "the apology was hearttelt, the apology was sincere." "i don't think a statement like this where he is saying his choice of words was not the best, uh chang
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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